Nesting Dolls Dress

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I loved this material and I had to do something with it. The pattern I chose looked incredibly easy, but the neck turned out to be highly confusing. I don’t think I did it right. But she likes it and that’s all that matters.

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April 27, 2008

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  1. RachelMM says:

    Love the fabric! It’s really cute.

    You can “cheat” and just tack the collar down in a couple places to keep it smooth if you want. But regardless, it looks really cute.

  2. Mary says:

    Thanks, Rachel! This material was a stumper at first in that I couldn’t find anything to make the markings that would show up. I tried every color of chalk and sewing marker and I couldn’t see any of it on either side of the material. Finally I just used a black washable crayola marker and it worked great. I doubt it will really wash out though.

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