Crispy Cajun Crickets

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In my sophomore year of college, I had to give a “persuasive” speech, and I wanted to choose a topic that nobody else would pick. So I did “Why people should insects”. In my research I came upon a recipe for “Crispy Cajun Crickets”. I thought I had better try eating insects if I was going to talk other people into eating them, so I caught a bunch in the yard and made them and actually they weren’t that bad. The spices kind of overwhelmed the cricket flavor, and after being roasted, they had a pretty nice crunch. Here’s the recipe in case there’s anyone out there who wants to try it, and some artwork inspired by the handout I made for that class.

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July 20, 2008

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  1. Jana says:

    I have to agree about the spices covering up the cricket flavor, but I would have to discourage anyone who has braces from eating them. I think I got a leg stuck in my braces when I ate one.

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