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I wanted to make something special for my friend Maritza. She’s watched our kids for us numerous times and never accepts any compensation. So with some trouble I talked her into letting me make her a dress. She picked out a vintage Simplicity pattern and the material.

I learned a lesson on this one. Next time I will make a mock bodice first. Even though I measured her and cut everything accordingly, the top was way off. Luckily, I got away with reconstructing only the back of the bodice so I didn’t have to remake the whole thing.

Another lesson, pay attention when I’m cutting the bulk out of the seam! I was trimming the seam where the bodice meets the skirt, and didn’t realize that part of the bodice was folded up underneath it. I rolled right over it with my rotary cutter and made a huge sickening gash.

So after a few ripped out seams and a few improvisations to cover the hole, here it is…

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September 14, 2008

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  1. RachelMM says:

    Good job Mary! Looks great!lwsxayv

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