I think I’m cured.

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Tonight I got to spend an hour alone with the fancy shmancy keyboard that belongs to our church. I think I tried every single sound on it. I realized something. I don’t want to make electronic music. No matter how realistic the instrument sounds are, there was still something weird about plunking the keys to make those sounds. It felt…cold. So there’s got to be another way for me. I don’t want this thing anymore. And I thank God, because I hate thinking about things I want and don’t have.

So many times, God has answered my prayers by changing my question…

It was, “How can I get this thing and do this all by myself?”
Now it’s “How are you going to do this God?”

I’ve wanted to be in a band for about 20 years (If anyone is interested, ask me and I will write a long post about “The Hamburgers”), but I always knew deep inside me that the timing was never right, so I never tried to make it happen, and I know that when it is the right time, God will work it all out. But I’m starting to feel it may be near.

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October 27, 2008

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