Chinese Village

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One night years ago, I made my husband paint with me. I made a snowman, and he made this:

I love this painting! He was always embarrased of it, so I made a point of showing it to everyone I could. I lost it when we moved from Georgia to Pennsylvania. So sad! I looked and looked, to no avail. Then one day not long ago I found it in the attic. Whoopeee! Now I have made it into a fabric, of which I have ordered 5 yards from Spoonflower for my prizewinnings. I think I am going to make pajamas out of it. It has to be something I will wear a great deal so he will have to look at it often. These jammies are going to rock!!

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March 2, 2009

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  1. RachelMM says:

    This fabric would be really cool for some boy’s curtain fabric too….

  2. Kelly says:

    i have so many comments to make that i can’t remember them all…. oh, and i know that this is against protocol, but i am going to make comments on all of the blog entries that i just saw right here in this one spot :)

    i LOVE jason’s chinese picture! i am so glad that i finally got to see it.

    thank you for posting the blog about your dirty house. i have the same issue, and i started to cry when i saw your house. i know that sounds crazy, but this has been an issue of mine for such a long time. i rid myself of it, then it comes back when there are new people there. :(

    and i am still really jealous of your talent. i can’t help it. i was looking at your crab, with all the candy, and i was like “i could never do something like that” and then the tree…. you are just so talented and creative. and i am so jealous.

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