Stuff I want to do

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Not Resolutions or Even Goals But Just a Bunch of Art/Music Stuff I’d Like to Do This Year….Or Some Year…
• sew my raggedy ann dress
• work on updating the illustrations of my mom’s book & republish?
• write more songs to use at church
• work with nikki on children’s book illustrations?
• design illustrations for the story of Christ’s birth, make into a book of some sort
• practice upright bass
• design more fabrics, sell them
• work with rachel on magazine idea?
• design a house
• make designs and market my t-shirt idea
• write/record more psalms
• learn more about leading corporate worship
• get better at improvisation on guitar
• sing a song such as never has been heard in the heathen world (isa 42:10 amp)

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January 10, 2010

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