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A Song I wrote for church


Enter in to the courts of the King

Come in boldly and draw near the throne

Trade your mourning in for a garment of praise

The accuser has been overthrown

I have come to adore

I am walking through the veil of your chamber Lord

Through the blood of the one

Who gave Himself for me I stand before You clean

I am safe in the shadow of His wings

In His love every fear is released

Therefore now there is no condemnation for His own

In His suffering He purchased my peace

Through his blood I am now reconciled

For I cling to the victory of Christ

If the enemies of God were reconciled through His death

How much more will we be saved through His life

You are the Lamb slain before all time

You’re the broken Bread, the poured out Wine

I stand before You justified

Though I was dead in sin, I have been made alive

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March 8, 2010

2 Responses to Justified

  1. Ed says:

    Nice Mary!!! I like the addition of the plucking strings!!! I like it alot. Good job! I might want to change the oh’s at the end of chorus just a smidge…

  2. Raina says:

    I think this was beautiful, and certainly represents God’s greeatest gift to us. His perfect SON!

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