Must Have Big Twirl

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So Elsie has a closet full of dresses that do not make her happy to wear. Not because they are not pretty but because they do not twirl big enough. A super-twirling froggy dress by Mamma-Made had set the bar 2 years ago and she just can’t seem to go back.

The other day I made this dress out of some scrap material I had upstairs. It’s the first time I made a garment without following an official pattern, so it was kind of an experiment. The bodice was from a size 5 pattern I have, and it turned out to be way too big all over, but she doesn’t care. I made the circle skirt by just figuring it out, and the bow was because she likes bows. It turned out okay but I really need help with zippers. Look at the way it puckers at the bottom. I can never seem to get them nice and flat.

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June 30, 2010

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