Julane in Elephant Dress (Will Work For Oreos)

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Today I took scads of photos of my beautiful niece Julane in the Elephant dress, hoping to get some good shots for my upcoming sewing kit. Here are my favorites from the shoot. Her mommy promised her oreos if she cooperated and let me tell you, it worked! She was a perfect model. She filled out the dress so perfectly, and I think the chartreuse color (thank you Kelly!) looked really wonderful with her super light hair and blue eyes.

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July 31, 2010

5 Responses to Julane in Elephant Dress (Will Work For Oreos)

  1. Kelly says:

    that is gorgeous! i’m turning chartreuse with envy (and orange with cheesiness) i LOVE the pics!

  2. Cecilia Tomko says:

    Yes, she is the queen of cuteness (when she wants to be!) – from Julane’s mommy. Mary, this dress is absolutely adorable!

  3. Oh what beautiful pictures of Julane in a beautiful dress! Delightful to see.

    One of Ceclia’s TN friends…Kathleen

  4. Anonymous says:

    those photos are absolutely perfect! looks quite professional. and the dress is wonderful! you have such neat vision and creativity… i love it! Janet

  5. Team Shirey says:

    Mary~you are so talented!

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