Esther – Part II

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I finished Esther today. I’ve documented the first part of the process in an earlier post if you’re interested in the nuts and bolts. Here is the second half.

I started with a rough sketch on canvas:

Then did a very fast, loose painting with the intention of just getting color all over the canvas. At this point, it looks nothing like Esther. Not sure why I didn’t get a shot of the whole thing.

Next, I spent ALOT of time on the face. I wanted to get it right first, because if you can get the face right, the rest of the stuff is pretty much a breeze. Here’s a closeup of the face at this stage.

Next I reworked every bit of the canvas with a palette knife. I really glopped on paint here. I tried to bring out more depth and warmth to her face. Although I captured her pretty well, she looked pasty and cool.

A face closeup:

The table looked odd to me, so I added some color to it, and touched up a few final things. Like, the lemon now looks more like a lemon, and her arms look a little more natural. This is the finished canvas!

Here is a closeup of the finished hat.

And her face! Esther, you are a beautiful little girl!

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February 29, 2012

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