Heidi and Miracle

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At long last, I’ve finally finished this painting. It has been in the works for at least a year, maybe two.

So the story on this is РSeveral years ago, when our friend Stacie was employed as a nanny for the girls, one of her relatives acquired a baby deer that had been rescued from a car accident. The mother was hit and killed but they were able to save the baby from inside of her. They called it Miracle. Elsie and Heidi got the wonderful opportunity to pet it and hold it, and Stacie snapped a bunch of photos for me.

Heidi and miracle - originalIn this one, Heidi looked so sweet that I had to try to paint it. It was tough because there was such a stark contrast of light and shadow, and not a lot of good color to work with. I almost gave up and threw this painting out several times, but I plodded through and I’m so glad to be finished!

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December 5, 2014

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